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Find an Agent

Steps to follow when selling your home

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There are a lot of steps and tasks sellers have to complete before a successful sale of their home can be completed. Use this helpful checklist.

Find An Agent

The first step to successfully selling your home is finding a knowledgeable and capable real estate agent who you can rely on to guide you through the process. Create a pros and cons list of each agent you talk with and go with the one who can do the most to bring out the value of your home.

Market Value

Your agent should be able to do a professional Comparative Market Analysis on their home, a educated estimate of your home’s value. They will provide you with recent purchase prices for similar homes in your area. Talk with your agent about how much you think your home is worth and how much you want to sell it for. When you have all the information, you can make a determination of how much to list your home for.

Fix Ups

Fix any damage to your home that could affect the integrity or presentation of your home. Many sellers have small damages like light fixture replacements or even more detrimental damage like leaking from the roof. All damage to a home will come to light during an inspection during the escrow process, so it’s important that your home is as turnkey as possible since buyers can delay or cancel a purchase otherwise.


Take out all garbage and clutter that may be in your home. Have your floors, walls, and windows all cleaned to look as presentable as possible.


Homes that are professionally staged bring a return on the investment to the sellers. It makes the presentation of the home much more enticing to buyers, opening yourself up to better offers sooner than an empty home.

Final Touches

Walk through the home before it’s listed as if you were going to make an offer and make the fixes that you would want in the home. Worn paint on the walls should be painted over, broken knobs on appliances replaced, and squeaky doors WD-40’d.


Make sure your agent has the appropriate terms on your contract before the home is listed. If you need to make sure you have a new home to move into before you move out of your selling home, make sure they include a contingency for that. Do you have solar payments? Make sure your agent knows and can add those details to the listing.


Check with your agent to make sure the listing of your home is how you want it listed. Ideally, you will have an expert in real estate listing your home so you won’t have to worry about how your home is presented. You might check to see that all the important features are displayed in the description and that the best front photo is the default picture on the MLS.


Your real estate agent is paid to be doing the leg work for this part of the checklist. Marketing can include flyers, open houses on weekends, online advertisements, and property websites. You are paying your agent for this, so make sure there is at least some kind of marketing being done for your home.


You will be notified of any new offers that are submitted for your home. Many buyers try submitting low offers to sellers to get a deal, so be firm on a minimum amount you are willing to take for your home and your agent will use their skills to get you that minimum.

Accept The Offer

When your agent presents you with an offer that has gone through negotiations that you like, then you can accept it and move into the escrow phase of the transaction.


Make sure to sign all documentation throughout escrow by the deadlines so that there is no delay in closing. Make any necessary repairs that you and the buyers agree should be done to the home to reach the close of escrow.