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01 Get an instant offer Your preliminary offer is backed by local real estate expertise and the most current market data.
02 Finalize your offer with a video assessment Walk us through your home either in-person or over a video call and we'll finalize the offer price.
03 Choose the close date Choose the close date (usually between 14-60 days) that works best for your client and unlock funds for your next chapter in life.
04 Skip the repairs If repairs are needed, we'll ask for a credit and deduct the costs. You get to skip all the work.
05 Close and get paid We'll help you with all the paperwork and coordinate closing so you can avoid moving twice or paying two mortgages.
06 Move in to your new home The Active team & our agents are here every step of the way so you have the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your next chapter.

With Active Cash Offers, you can:

  • Get a competitive cash offer on eligible homes in 24 hours
  • Sync your client's sale with the purchase of their new home
  • Finalize your offer with a photos & video assessment. Walk us through your home and we'll finalize the offer price.
  • Avoid delays and risk of buyer financing falling through
Step 1

Start with an estimated offer

  1. Enter your address This gives us publicly available info about your home.
  2. Confirm home details Let us know if you've made any renovations or upgrades.
  3. Tell us about your move Answer a few questions about your home and selling timeline.
Step 2

What goes into our estimated offer

This is our first pass. We calculate an estimate based on our pricing data and your home details. You'll get a final, cash offer when we know more about your home.

  1. Home details Every home is different. We use the info you shared to make a unique estimate for yours.
  2. Similar home sales We compare homes that sold recently to yours. We look for similar size, condition, and details.
  3. Market data If homes are sitting on the market longer than usual, we account for that risk in our estimate.
Step 3

Getting to an Opendoor final offer

  1. Show us your home Send us videos or do a live walkthrough. We'll also examine the home's exterior and look inside — it takes about 30 minutes.
  2. We'll review the details Our local pricing experts review your videos and home details. Offers are typically finalized within a few days.
Step 4

Inside an Opendoor offer: costs and fees

Once an offer is finalized, we'll send over a breakdown of charges, costs, and the total amount a seller takes away.

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It was quick, it was painless, and the price offered was exceedingly fair. It alleviated all of the hassles that we would have gone through — listing it, staging it and on and on. Anne and Jim Riverside, CA
“The cash offer came in right near our appraisal, but I never had to list the house or do showings. For the kind of value Active Realty and there partners gives you, it's just a no-brainer.” Adam L. Orange, CA
This was an amazingly easy process and the follow up from Active Realty and all their partners was exceptional we can't say enough about how good my experience was. Kurt and Christi Upland, CA
“We're of the age where we didn't want to do a lot of work on the house. We just wanted out of there! Move on with life—and Active Realty helped us do that.” George and Carol Downey, CA

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My client got the Active Cash offer and was happy with it. That service fee paid for a lot—no showings and different people in and out of your house. Winter Boone, REALTOR

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