8 Steps
To Sell

What you need to know

Follow these steps to Maximize your sale


Deciding to sell can be a bit more complicated than the buying counterpart, and the price might be affected by a number of factors. It is important to determine factors such as urgency, condition, size, layout, style, accessibility, design and of course, location.


What are the costs? Knowing the expenses that are associated with the sale of your home, and being aware of the importance of each one is critical to your success as a seller. Understanding this is vital because it will help you determine the best course of action and maximize your profit. These costs may include commissions to be paid to brokers/agents, escrow, title, property taxes, home warranty and specific inspection reports.

Determining Pricing

What is a good selling price? Determining the best price to market you home is one of the most important factors in selling. Motivation and marketing strategy will shape the success of the sale. Overpricing can result in fewer buyers and a longer marketing time. Underpricing could lead to loss of investment return, and buyers still offering less to try to get even better pricing.


The location of your home will have an impact on its marketability, as well as what price it may actually sell for. Because of this, there are many factors to keep in mind. These include what kind of neighborhood your home is in (new, established or up-and-coming), if it's in a developed or rural area, and also the price of other homes in the same area.


First impressions are always important. The condition of your home, upon first glance, can have a big effect on how quickly your home is sold. When potential buyers are driving by or looking online, you always want the "curb appeal" of your home to be as enticing as possible.

Easy ways to keep your home looking great are to maintain the landscaping, fix any fixtures on the outside your home that may be broken or detached, and keeping windows, doors and fences clean. Even a freshcoat of paint can make a big difference.


Looking its best. It's amazing how well-placed furniture can make a room look bigger than it is. Even open blinds or curtains can let natural light in, making it feel more open and inviting.

Staging the inside of your home and maximizing it's appeal is one of the most important factors in selling it. Ways to achieve this are cleaning up personal items or excessive furniture, painting walls that may be marked or scratched, cleaning carpets, and fixing any minor damage to fixtures inside.


What is nearby? Just like the location of your home, how accessible it is and to places of interest nearby can have an impact on the pricing.

Highlighting nearby places of interest will certainly draw more attention to your home. Things that will draw more attention are major streets and highways/freeways, shopping centers like grocery stores or malls, schools, and indoor and outdoor entertainment.


Our team of seasoned agents will always keep your best interests in mind. We work as a team to keep you constantly informed on the sale of your home and will keep you updated with any activity happening with it, such as marketing, showings, open houses and in-coming offers.

You should always feel free to contact your agent, and our team will be there to help you make the sale of your home as easy and successful as possible.