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Active Realty Our Team. Our Difference.

One team, one goal. We celebrate success as a team, measured by postive experiences from our clients. This approach allows us to achieve our client's goals. You can go fast alone or far together. No trophies or nontransparent competition, just better serving in better ways.

Active Our Core

We want to create clients for life by creating the most comprehensive support for our agents.

  • Support

    We offer professional and ongoing support for agents from leads to every step of the transaction.

  • Growth

    Active Realty is a place that brings together determined individuals and a support staff that is poised for optimal growth.

  • Skill

    When you work with us, you have access to highly skilled and experienced support staff who have worked on thousands of successful transactions.

  • Innovation

    We know from experience that there is more than one way for an agent to be successful. We bring ideas to help you grow your real estate business.

  • System

    Our operations are different, from how we provide leads to the detailed agent support system.

  • Appreciation

    We believe that by showing appreciation for our agents, our entire team can put our clients first.

  • Teamwork

    We work and thrive as a team. Our Active Agents benefit from a full time support staff.

  • Ingenuity

    Thinking beyond what's normally done and proposing new ideas is a regular part of working at Active Realty.

  • Technology

    We make sure our Active Agents are able to meet the real estate market with the best technology available.

  • Passion

    Active Team members who come to work everyday with a passion to be the best at what they do is at the core of what makes our support staff stand out from the rest.

  • Method

    There is a lot of planning from our team that goes into listing each home. We know our agents' time is valuable and we use our marketing strategies to help free up their schedule to sell more homes.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing team has grown in number and sophistication every year. We implement graphics design, videography, and social media experts.

Diversified. We are designed to help you take aim. Grow your business to the next level by providing consistency through industry leading partnerships, better leads, more opportunities, streamlined processes, structure, best in class systems, and options for every agent.

We know the best agents achieve success. Let us help you thrive.

Find Your Why Success Designed

The Team / Partner

Volume, Top Producer, Team Lead? This is where you want to be!

  • Premier Leads from Active Realty
  • Direct Access to Guaranteed Incoming Lead Flow
  • Broker Direct Referral Business
  • Top Tier Company Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Team Lead, Recruiting & Training Opportunities
  • Recruiting Incentives / Compensation Plans
  • ISA Assisted Pipeline/Leads/Sales
  • Brokerage provided Compliance & File Management Systems
  • Lender Assistance
  • Seller Concierge
  • Full Access to Design, Marketing, and Office Staff
  • Backed by Premiere Branding
  • Branded Landing Pages ( zero cost )
  • Branded Marketing ( zero cost )
  • Professional Agent Photos ( zero cost )
  • Access to the BMWi3 Program
  • Priority Broker Appointed Individual Office/Cubicle Space

The Hybrid

Got clients? Work on your brand while you close more deals! Hybrid gives more opportunity.

  • Premier Overflow Leads from Active Realty
  • Self-Managed Pipeline/Leads/Sales
  • Training Opportunities
  • Recruiting Incentives / Compensation Plans
  • ISA Assisted Pipeline/Leads/Sales
  • Brokerage provided Compliance & File Management Systems
  • Lender Assistance
  • Backed by Premiere Branding
  • Branded Landing Pages (at a discounted cost)
  • Branded Marketing (at a discounted cost)
  • Professional Agent Photos (at a discounted cost)
  • Access to the BMWi3 Program
  • Priority Broker Appointed Access to Cubicles

The Independent

Build your business at your pace. We're here to help!

  • Top Tier Commissions
  • Backed by Premiere Branding
  • Brokerage provided Compliance & File Management Systems
  • Self-Generated Leads
  • Self-Managed Pipeline/Leads/Sales
  • Lender Assistance
  • Branded Landing Pages ( at cost )
  • Branded Marketing ( at cost )
  • Broker Appointed Access to Cubicles

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At Active Realty we have planned out our future with YOU.

Connect Anywhere

The Active Realty mobile app allows your clients to shop for homes with live market updates anywhere they are, allowing you to sell homes more efficiently than ever before.

Evolve Together

We put clients first and we want to meet clients where the technology is best. As your search and marketing tools to clients change, our business model changes with them.

Future Goals

We are in a constant state of growth at Active Realty. Lead to agent contacts as well as competitive contract structure and agent style flexibility make this brokerage one of the fastest growing in Southern California.

Complete Team

Active Realty has staff for marketing, videography, transactions, and client relations. Our team is complete and is ready to assist you whenever needed.

Active Realty is a growing, energetic real estate brokerage that achieves success by choosing to continuously update the system they operate in. Active Realty began with a small group of highly experienced and reliable agents who were ready to be part of a business model that, by design, would be dynamic and flexible in changing with the needs of the market. Agents at Active are able to achieve a higher volume of transactions than other agents in the same market because the company has built a network of specialized services that allow agents to spend more time doing what they do best: selling homes.

There is a culture of determined expertise at Active Realty, where experienced agents often exceed their volume from previous years and rookies rise to become the cream of the crop from within Active Realty's culture. Success stories from Active Realty are a result of the combination of mechanisms put in place for agents to realize their real estate goals and the driven attitude of the people who walk through Active's doors.

3,000 Families Served
5,000 Appointments Made
4,000 Homes Sold
36,000 Emails Sent
10,000 Total Property Views
8 Agent Teams
$1M+ in Commission
Co-Sponsor Opportunities
10,000 Leads Given to Agents